Introduction to ball pen
Dec 26, 2018

According to the color points

(1) monochrome ball pen: this is the most common ball pen, often blue, black, red, and so on.

(2) The two-color ballpoint pen: generally red and blue.

(3) The three-color ball point pen is red, blue, and black.Of four colors: red, blue, black and green.

(4) In addition to the four, there are six, eight, and even twelve color ballpoint pens.

According to the structure of the points

(1) disposable ball-point pen, pen is the core, neither with ink, nor can change the core, ink use up, can only be discarded.

(2) The center can change the ballpoint pen, with buttons, springs, locking, recovery and other functions.

(3) The pen can be rotated to make the core extend or retract.

(4) of course there are ballpoint pen and pen combination, there are ballpoint pen and pencil combination, there is a ballpoint pen and measuring pen combination, there is a new ballpoint pen and small bulb combination and so on.

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