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Gel Pen, Also Known As Pen
Jul 25, 2018

The gel pen, also known as the pen, originated in Japan and is a novel writing tool popular in the world. According to the type of pen type, ink color, structure, etc. can be divided into different types of gel pens, you can choose according to your own needs.

The gel pen has the advantages of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. The writing feel is comfortable, the ink viscosity is low, and the material that is easy to lubricate is added. The viscosity of the writing medium is between water and oil, so it is smoother than the ordinary oily ballpoint pen. Upgraded product of oily ballpoint pen. The gel pen tip size is roughly divided into 1.0mm and 0.5mm.

What is the oil in the tail of the neutral pen?

The oil in the tail of the neutral pen core is called the gel pen tail oil lithium ester, and its function is as follows:

1. Maintain a good moisturizing seal to prevent ink from evaporating or backflow.

2. When writing in a gel pen, the lithium-based ester can follow up like a piston at any time. Use atmospheric pressure to press down the ink to keep the writing of the gel pen smooth until the ink is written.

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