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Metal Pen Use Method
Jul 25, 2018

1. The surface of the workpiece to be engraved must be clean and dry to ensure good contact.

2. After selecting the color you need, fix the ground clamp to the workpiece and turn on the power.

3. When operating, the pen should be perpendicular to the workpiece and move slowly. The pen tip and the workpiece should have proper clearance. Adjust the output size to small and small, and the lines are completely clear.

4, in the aluminum engraving, please use the copper core nib

It can scribe black and white two different colors of patterns or letter symbols on the surface of all kinds of metal pens. It can also scribe lines in the fixture manufacturing. The size, width and depth of the pattern can be adjusted freely to obtain clear writing. The ideal effect of even lines. It is completely reliable to use. The workpiece is not deformed and damaged, and is currently manufactured in instrumentation. Precision bearing and precision mechanical parts processing and electronics industry, measurement. The material management department is widely used.

The metal materials used in the metal pen are copper, iron, aluminum, steel, and the like. Common metal pens are divided into: metal pencils, metal laser pointers, metal pointers, metal table pens, metal leather pens, metal acrylic pens, and other dozens of varieties. The use of metal pens is generally used for advertising, giving, and other business gifts. Metal pens are higher in pen writing instruments, so most of China's metal pens are exported.

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