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The Gel Pen Must Have The Following Quality Indicators
Jul 25, 2018

In addition to the advantages of the oily ballpoint pen and the water-based ballpoint pen, the gel pen is required to have the following quality indicators.

(1) The versatility of the ink should be strong, and the pen tip can be more widely used to achieve better writing performance, so as to better become a supporting product of the pen factory.

(2) It is required that the ink should have a corresponding shrinkage and viscosity poking denaturation, and the intermittent performance of the ink should be long to achieve a longer uncoating time.

(3) The ink should reach a certain particle fineness, which is lower than the gap between the ball and the ball seat, and has a strong dispersing ability to prevent the pen tip from affecting the writing.

(4) The stability of the ink is strong, and it can be written normally under certain room temperature conditions, and the ink is not evenly layered.

(5) There is enough writing length, that is, one tube of ink can draw a longer line on the marking machine.

Performance and technology

Although the neutral ink pen belongs to the ball-point pen type, its writing principle, pen structure and processing technology are similar to those of the traditional oil-based ball-point pen. However, due to the difference in ink performance, there are special requirements for the pen tip. Neutral inks are difficult to develop and develop. At present, Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea and other countries produce neutral inks, which is the best in Japan. The key to the development of neutral ink is: the formulation of the ink; the processing technology matching the formula; the matching of the ink and the tip.

First of all, in the formulation of the formulation, the ink should have proper viscosity, surface tension and pH value to ensure that the pen is smooth and does not leak, and that the ink is resistant to light, water, heat, cold, moisture and permeability. Solve the stability of the ink, save the ink for a long time without deterioration of the ink, without delamination, precipitation, and ensure the safety of the ink, non-toxic, non-corrosive.

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