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Water-based Ballpoint Pen
Jul 25, 2018

Also known as a ballpoint pen or a ballpoint pen. The pen holder and pen holder of the ball-point pen are made of plastic injection molding, which is called a full-plastic ball-point pen. The pen-set is made of stainless steel and is called a semi-steel ball-point pen. The pen-and pen holder is made of stainless steel and is called a full-steel ball-point pen. The all-plastic type is basically one-time use, that is, the ink is scrapped when it is used up; the semi-steel type and the all-steel type are mostly replaced with a replaceable refill type structure. The pens of the ball pen are divided into two types: shell type and needle tube shape, which are made of copper alloy, stainless steel or engineering plastic. The beads are made of stainless steel, cemented carbide or alumina. The diameter of the middle bead is 0.7 mm and the diameter of the fine bead is 0.5 mm. The water storage form is divided into two types: fiber bundle storage and fiberless bundle storage. The color of the ink is red, blue, black, green, and the like. The ball pen has the characteristics of a pen and an oily ballpoint pen. The writing is smooth and smooth, and the line is even. It is an ideal writing tool.

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